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Born and raised in Colorado, now living in Ottawa, Ontario.


Actor. Director. Teacher.


Also; Travel Planner. Interior Decorator. Circus Artist.


Mean Girls Jan. 2024, Finding Nemo Jan. 2024,

Little Shop of Horrors March 2024, Oliver June 2024


The Travelling Stage, Stagecraft Theatre School, Ottawa Children's Theatre, Ottawa Circus School

In Progress:

Development of new theatre company.

Details coming soon.

Current Projects:


"Josh Rigo gives a tour de force performance as Alex."

"Josh is a star. I am absolutely certain that Josh’s future holds extraordinary things!"

"I am freakin' speechless. I couldn't even take my eyes off this son of a ***** for one minute!"

"Josh’s energy is boundless. What sets him apart is the way he wholeheartedly throws himself into his endeavors."

"I'm at a loss for words...Josh was beyond brilliant."


"Josh's attention to detail is like no other director I have worked with."

"The first time I saw one of Josh's directed pieces, I knew this was his calling."

"Josh’s enthusiasm and passion are palpable and, most of all, contagious for anyone he works with."

"One day, he will be the mastermind and talent behind something that lights the world on fire, and I will be saying, 'I knew him when...!'”

"Josh holds a strong belief in hard work, himself, and his abilities to make something spectacular."



"Josh brings his expertise in theatrical production, directing, acting, dance, music and innovative strategies in Arts Education to create profound leadership, teaching, and performances."

"Josh has found his calling - Arts Education"

"Students look forward to every minute he spends with them and they have grown tremendously."

"Josh deftly imparts to students the essential life skills of confidence, courage, empathy, vulnerability, craftsmanship, perseverance and integrity to name just a few. Josh accomplishes all of this through being true to his core values of wholeheartedness and joy."

"Josh brings all of the arts together in his teaching to provide deeper and more meaningful learning experiences."

"Josh is creative and committed to giving every student an experience with the Arts that will steal their hearts. He creates learning experiences to show students how the Arts are an essential experience in discovering what it means to be fully human."









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Thank you!

Josh Rigo Theatre
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